Terms & Conditions

Refunds are not allowed on completed custom projects, nor pre-made covers once payment is cleared. Payment of any invoice stands as your agreement of this policy.

Digital products will be delivered via Dropbox or zip file via email, whichever client prefers. Cloud based files will be accessible for 30 days, after which time the file will be emptied. Please ensure you download all files within that time-frame. Original files will remain with Suite Six Studios indefinitely. Should you require an additional download, simply reach out.

Completed pre-made covers cannot be transferred to a different author without express written permission from myself. If I approve the transfer/resale, the price cannot exceed what you initially paid, and there will be a $10 re-title fee to the new cover owner.

You are not allowed to resell my artwork/coverdesign/logos/bookmarks/services/trailers/GIFs/etc (referred to hereafter as “artwork”) as I retain all rights and licenses to my artwork and licenses are non-transferable for stock photos. If you attempt to sell any of my artwork, you are in direct violation of these terms and conditions, and will be blacklisted as a client, removed and banned/blocked from my group and all social areas. Your name will also be given to other designers as a precaution that you have attempted to sell a design that wasn’t yours.

All stock used (unless otherwise indicated, agreed upon, and/or paid for ahead of time) comes with a standard commercial license, the sales limitations of which depend on the vendor and are available upon request. Never be afraid to ask for stock license proof. A reputable designer will always be able to provide it, and I keep mine on hand for each design.

If you require an extended license for artwork you’ve purchased from me, simply reach out, and I’ll provide you with the added cost. That cost is payable directly to the stock provider; I do not add a commission or any extra fees to the transaction. A receipt and new license terms will be emailed directly to you, and I’ll keep a copy on file.

You should credit Suite Six Studios in your copyright page as Cover Designer. This not only protects your cover, but me as well, and ensures a different designer cannot claim it as their work.

These terms and conditions are subject to change, and a notice will be placed when there is an update.

Prices are subject to change at any time, but I will give advance notice to any increases, allowing current/new clients to book any customs, or purchase any pre-mades at the current price before it increases.